Nano CarPro

In Nano Spa 

  1. Except the trunk (Back box) External, internal, floors and seat covers cleaning.
  2. Polishing the car interior including, air condition, etc.
  3. Applying Nano on seat covers and internal floors in order to protect it from dusts and liquids.
  4. the job of nano layer is to protect the east with 70% from the leather or velvet from liquids suction.
  5. Protection from changing the seat color due the abaya and jeans, put nano material on pedals.
  6. Put on interior in order to be protected from sun rays with 70% from color change.
  7. Guarantee for one year against peeling material or non-effectiveness, external wash by our special products.

Out Nano

  1. Applying Special Nano Polish.
  2. Making external fine polish and wax in addition to 2 layers of polish to remove scratches and circles which appear due to the specialized washing and adding shining polish.
  3. Install Nano Ceramic Protection layer over the car surfaces which is a transparent ceramic layer which covers and protects the car body.